Watch out for the Monstera and its monstrously large, ribboned leaves. Monstera is more commonly known as the 'split-leaf plant'. The leaves only get their split, jungle-like appearance as the plant ages.

Monstera is perfect for people who don't want to spend a lot of time tending to their plants. It grows easily and purifies the air for a healthy indoor climate.

This is a truly exceptional Monstera! Deliciosa can grow without the help of a support stick, but this doesn't make it any less of a Monstera. The untamed wildness of this plant makes it a real eye-catcher, as do its wide leaves.

The unique and distinct Monstera Variegata is the creative one in the family. Who said a plant has to be green? Variegata boasts striking white stripes on its leaves!

• Country of origin
Central America

• Care