Philodendron is a plant with a lot of relatives: more than a hundred, in fact, all of which are native to Central and South America. What makes this particular variety so unique is its large, sturdy leaves. Each variety of Philodendron has its own unique leaves, which range from oval to heart-shaped. They also come in varying shades of green and even red. These extremely strong plants can grow to impressive sizes!

Imperial Red is by far the most decorative of the Philodendrons, with a dark red colour that borders on purple. This, paired with its large leaves, makes it a real eye-catcher in the home.

Philodendron Imperial Green is the green version of Imperial Red. The bright green leaves can transform any room into an urban jungle. Bonus: it's also extremely easy to care for.

Xanadu is a full, compact Philodendron. Don't be surprised to find aerial roots on this variety! The older this plant gets, the more beautiful it becomes.

• Country of origin
Central and South America

• Care